Relax on the Beach

You will admire a beach with large spaces Solanas looks really attractive. If you are in a place with a large beach, crystal clear waters and suggestive landscapes, you have many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the place. Here are some activities you might consider: Relax on the Beach: Find a comfortable spot on the beach, stand

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La Colonia Penale –; Today Museum

The Penal Colony (Today Museum) When they landed in Porto Sinzias, on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, it was summer. And to be more precise it was August 11, 1875. The beaches were uninhabited at the time, very different from what the coast of the area appears today. The vessel was carrying thirty prisoners and seven prison guards. Led by Knight Eugene

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Archeology and history

Menhirs and Domus de Janas The menhirs of Cuili Piras An important sign of megalithism in Muravera, a stone's throw from the tourist resort of Costarei. In Sardinia they call them Perdas fittas, but the menhirs are real large cylindrical stones, they are stuck in the ground for a meter or more,

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